Siddhivinayak Industries is an innovation-driven surface finishing and powder coating company that has carved a reputation as a trustworthy job service provider to a large number of customers across Pune.


We take Great Pride
in our work

We take pride in our job by providing quality powder coating services to our customers with proper inspection and packaging needs to meet customer requirements and standards.

Our facilities have easier access for customers and increased space for managing larger volumes of work. We offer an advanced level of technical capabilities and exacting standards of quality control with the installation of the automated powder coating line and cutting edge equipment. We also specialize in powder coating on complicated componenets with masking and jigging needs.

Our customer base is comprised of General Industries, Architectural, Automative, Consumer Goods, Furnitures and others. And no job is too big or small. Our facilities allow us to offer powder coating, sandblasting, stripping, pretreatment, assembly, packaging and shipping. We employ highly skilled and dedicated personnel that strive to keep up with customer needs and requirements.

Our products & Services

In Surface Protection
Business since 2016

Siddhivinayak Industries is known for its Quality, Quantity, On Time Delivery and complete customer satisfaction.

Siddhivinayak Industries of Companies is an innovation-driven surface finishing company that has carved a reputation as a trustworthy protective surface coating service provider to a large number of customers. Siddhivinayak Industries traces its origins to the year 2016.

We began operations in Anodizing, Electroplating in electronic components and fashion jewellery and gradually transformed towards powder coating in the year 2016 with the introduction of powder coating as a protective and environment friendly surface coating technology.